Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Rounding Out The Year

So there is also a couple of projects in the works or that we worked on later in the year that round out the last bits of projects for this year before the new one. Here they are:


The Dark Knight Project is a fan made side story based in the storyline and world of "Batman Begins" and "The Dark Knight". LBP member Keith Gubbins took on his first stunt coordination job on this and while the results were rushed, he still did the best he could under the conditions.

There is another project called "Big Trouble, Little Cocks" which Keith also did stunt coordination and starred him, Shawn Bernal, and Emmanuel Manzanares as the main and supporting leads. The short film directed by local director Joe Price, pokes fun at the asian stereotypes brought on by American culture and is a very tongue in cheek look at them from the perspective of an Asian-American director. Though the film was completed in December, it will not be released until Feb. 2009, because of its submission in the Act One Film Festival in Chicago.

Finally, LBP members Emmanuel Manzanares and Shawn Bernal were gracious enough to land supporting lead roles in director Micah Moore's newest feature film project, "Beat Down Boogie". Micah Moore has worked with Eric Jacobus from The Stunt People, on a previous feature film called "Dogs of Chinatown", which is in the process of being distributed on DVD. You can view the trailer for that here:

DOGS of CHINATOWN new trailer from All Aces Media on Vimeo.

Beat Down Boogie is his next ambitious project, and Micah put out an online casting call which LBP answered. Amongst the hundreds of submissions, we were featured predominantly in his first promotional pitch video under the audition tapes section, which is here:

BEAT DOWN BOOGIE pre-production diary 1 from All Aces Media on Vimeo.

Finally, just before Christmas, Micah released the first full promotional teaser trailer for the film. Emmanuel Manzanares and Shawn Bernal flew out to Greensboro, North Carolina for a weekend along with Eric Jacobus to work together with Micah to produce some test footage for investors and pitches. You can view our results of 2 days worth of shooting here:

Beat Down Boogie Practice Tape from All Aces Media on Vimeo.

That's about it for the news in this year, soon enough we'll have our 2009 team demo reel up for viewing. Until then, have a safe and happy new year everyone!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Side Projects LBP Has Worked On

LBP also just doesn't do stunts or films action alone. Because the group is quite versatile technically, we have some great cameraguys, editors, and vfx talent which do other freelance work such as shoot events and live shows. Here's some examples:

LBP is affiliated with the Chicago based Parkour/Freerunning group "Aero Parkour" and has shot some of their Parkour Jams as publicity to post on their site, which you can view in our links section, or here: AERO PARKOUR. Here are the videos:


Aero Parkour Midwest Jam 2007 from Emmanuel Manzanares on Vimeo.


Aero Parkour Oct. 13th Jam from Emmanuel Manzanares on Vimeo.


Aero Parkour May 31st Jam from Emmanuel Manzanares on Vimeo.


Aero Parkour Aug. 23rd/30th Jam from Emmanuel Manzanares on Vimeo.


Aero Parkour Slow-Mo Test from Emmanuel Manzanares on Vimeo.

LBP has shot live performances for a local indie hip-hop group known as "The Ozarks!". You can visit their page in our links section or here:

THA OZARKS! Check out their live sets here:




Chicago Indie Films and Stage Productions That LBP Has Worked On

So besides collaborating with our fellow stunt peers, LBP has also stunt coordinated, acted, or done stunts in various local indie film works and stage productions since 2007. Here's some of those works:

RUTHLESS (A short done by local director Rich Wolgemuth, which was entered in Myspace/Spike TV's "True To John Woo" Short Film Contest in July of 2007 and received 2nd place in the Audience Award category. LBP member Shawn Bernal stars in this, which also features members Keith Gubbins and Emmanuel Manzanares doing stunts. Emmanuel Manzanares did stunt coordination/action direction and helped to edit the gunfights.)

Ruthless from Emmanuel Manzanares on Vimeo.

BATTLE TUNE FIGHT EXCERPT - ALBERTO VS SHAWN (A 16mm short done by Columbia College alum Alberto Aguirre which deals with a man fighting his inner demons while practicing on his guitar. LBP members Shawn Bernal and Keith Gubbins are featured, with Shawn Bernal being the main villain. Emmanuel Manzanares did the action direction and edited this excerpt. This is an excerpt from the final fight which Emmanuel recorded from his own camera.)

ASSIGNMENT 47 FIGHT SCENE (An excerpt of a fight from the first episode of the webisode series "Assignment 47" which deals with a former assassin going back to his employers for one last job. It was written, directed by, and starring local director Steve James. It features LBP member Jessie Bayani as the thug in this fight, with action direction by Emmanuel Manzanares.)

THROUGH THE ROPES FIGHT SAMPLER (A short film directed by local director John Psathos with cinematography done by LBP member Tony Reddix. LBP member Keith Gubbins is featured as the rival boxer, with Emmanuel Manzanares doing action direction. The story deals with the struggle of an aging boxer bribed into throwing his last match against a newcomer, and the decision he has to make whether to go the distance or lose his pride by quitting. This is an excerpt of the fight, shot on HD.)

THE KING AND THE BEAR (A trailer for a short film which stars John Psathos and LBP member Tony Reddix. LBP members Keith Gubbins and Emmanuel Manzanares are featured performing stunts, as well as Emmanuel Manzanares doing action direction. The film is about two renegade cops bent on taking down a ruthless crime boss in Chicago's chinatown. Shot on HD)

King and The Bear Trailer from Anthony Reddix on Vimeo.

UIC PRODUCTION OF SHAKESPEARE'S "KING LEAR" (LBP member Emmanuel Manzanares was assistant fight choreographer and fight captain for this 2007 production of King Lear at the University of IL-Chicago. This is fight rehearsal footage shot by Emmanuel.)

UIC PRODUCTION OF SHAKESPEARE'S "HAMLET" (LBP member Emmanuel Manzanares was fight choreographer for this modern retelling of Hamlet during the University of IL-Chicago's 2008 production of Hamlet. This was fight rehearsal footage and actual performance footage shot by Emmanuel.)

Team Internet Collaborations

So what's Team Internet exactly? Well it's a small collective of our stunt peers across North America that we've become friends with off The Stunt People forum and it normally involves us meeting up in person and working together, thus combining our styles in some way or form in a funny and not super serious way. It basically gives each team or individuals chances to show off in ways they can't always do or showcase different abilities depending on who they work with because everyone involved is normally quite talented in screen fighting, action direction, camerawork, and editing. So that means definitely people can experiment or refine their awesome skills by working with awesome people! Here's LBP's team internet collabs ranging from Sept. 2007 - Sept. 2008. Enjoy!

LBP INVADES TORONTO! (Collaboration with Dan Macdonald, Alex Chung, and Jonny Caines from Eclipse Stunt Crew in Toronto, Canada, Sept. 2007)

LBP Invades Toronto! from Emmanuel Manzanares on Vimeo.

ONE NIGHT IN CHICAGO (Collaboration with Leo Kei Angelos from Redeemer Stunt Team in Boston, Massachusetts, Dec. 2007)

One Night In Chicago from Emmanuel Manzanares on Vimeo.

THE J & J (Jon/Jay) PROJECT (Collaboration with Fernando "Jay" Huerto of Jabronie Pictures in San Diego, CA and Jon Truei of Surprise-Terminated Films from Voorhees, New Jersey, April 2008)

The J & J Project from Emmanuel Manzanares on Vimeo.

LBP INVADES THE STUNT PEOPLE! (Collaboration with Eric Jacobus and Shaun Finney from The Stunt People and Derek Lee from The Breakfast Machine in San Francisco, CA, June 2008)

LBP Invades The Stunt People! from Emmanuel Manzanares on Vimeo.

EAST COAST RUMBLE! (Collaboration with David Lavallee, Jr. and Leo Kei Angelos from Redeemer Stunt Team and Hyphen Movies Stunt Team from Middletown, Connecticut, July 2008)

East Coast Rumble! from Emmanuel Manzanares on Vimeo.

LBP INVADES TORONTO: PARTE DEUX! (Second collaboration with Eclipse Stunt Crew from Toronto, Canada, and first collaboration with Dennis Lafond and Pascal Aka from Ottawa Action Team in Ottawa, Canada, Sept. 2008)

LBP Invades Toronto: Parte Deux! from Emmanuel Manzanares on Vimeo.


Thursday, December 25, 2008

Lazy Brown Productions Martial Arts Action/Stunt Demo Reels 2008

With 2008 soon coming to a close, I wanted to showcase the team and three individual members of the group:

First is the team demo reel for 2008. I normally update the reel in Jan. of each new year, which I started in 2006. Here's what we had for 2008 and I can assure you that we've grown quite extensively over this year into 2009, so expect some big changes!

Second are the individual demo reels for myself (Emmanuel Manzanares), Shawn Bernal, and Keith Gubbins. We updated them this year for a casting call mid year, but we'll probably update all 3 sometime in spring of 2009. Enjoy!

Emmanuel Manzanares

Shawn Bernal

Keith Gubbins

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Welcome to our blog!

Hey everyone! So by seeing one my friends Hong make a blogspot:

I felt it would be a good idea to follow suit and have a main page to update from and have a link to, as opposed to making different updates on our respective facebook and myspace pages. So i'll be posting up different blogs showcasing our talents, our lovely friend's talents from across North America and the world, and anything else LBP related! Thank you for visiting the blog, and hope you enjoy! =D