Monday, January 26, 2009

New Test Fight With Asylum Stunts Members!

Yes sir, we had the good privilege of working with another local stunt team (Asylum Stunts) this time around and was asked by member Alex Hashioka-Oatfield (who's been in some of our vids as of late) to help him and the team out by shooting/directing some test fights for them. So here is the result of the first one:

Alex Vs. Laurie (Asylum Stunts Demo Test Fight) from Emmanuel Manzanares on Vimeo.

This fight includes Alex, along with fellow Asylum member, Laurie McNeilly, who's a great stunt woman and kick ass person to work with. We shot this in about 40 min, and I hope you all enjoy! We had alot of fun making it! Alex and Laurie did the choreography, and LBP founder Emmanuel Manzanares handled the action direction, camera, and editing.

If your interested in finding out more about Asylum Stunts, which specializes in more traditional American stunt work, you can visit Asylum Stunts here:

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Pins and Needles and Beat Down Boogie

Last year, LBP worked on 2 projects for some of our peers/friends that are being used now to pitch for their feature film projects. Essentially you can view them as promo reels to show investors what the full project will have a taste of. First up is Leo Kei Angelos' "PINS AND NEEDLES"


Pins & Needles - First Teaser from Leo Kei Angelos on Vimeo.


Pins & Needles - Boston Action Film Festival Trailer from Leo Kei Angelos on Vimeo.

Basically it's a gothic martial arts re imagining of the original tale of "Red Riding Hood", which is a much darker and more macabre version than normally known. Leo shot this across 3 weekends, and the results definitely show. Team founder Emmanuel Manzanares was the stunt coordinator on set as well as performing stunts. You can spot him wearing the big helmet and doing most of the big falls.

Next up is director Micah Moore's practice video for "BEAT DOWN BOOGIE"


Beat Down Boogie Practice Tape from All Aces Media on Vimeo.

We talked about Micah in a previous post detailing some of the other projects we got to work on last year, and essentially, the practice mixtape is a pre-production promo to showcase the quirky and flashy style, along with the fun and upbeat madness that is BEAT DOWN BOOGIE. Team members Emmanuel Manzanares and Shawn Bernal are casted as supporting leads and are portraying the "OLD SCHOOL" which composes of BEAT (SHAWN), an aspiring DJ and more relaxed version of his counterpart, BURN (Emmanuel), who is an aspiring graffiti artist/muralist and is the louder of the two.

Essentially BEAT DOWN BOOGIE tells the tale of LAWRENCE "LAW" YOUNG, (Eric Jacobus from San Francisco's THE STUNT PEOPLE) who is hired by an eccentric art collector to steal "THE JADE WORLD". The jade world is a priceless artifact that is guarded by THE PROFESSOR AND THE ASIAN HISTORY CLUB. Along the way, various gangs and factions are attempting to steal the jade world from Law and he has to fight and team up against these groups such as THE OLD SCHOOl, THE CAT BURGLARS, and THE DIRTY FUZZ. Hijinks, crazy chases, and martial arts mayhem ensue. BEAT DOWN BOOGIE aspires to be a American cross between Guy Ritchie's SNATCH and Jackie Chan's RUMBLE IN THE BRONX.

Hope you enjoy the works! Both films are still in pre-production and attempting to secure their budgets to shoot. Wish them luck! You can contact and view Leo Kei Angleos' work here: and

You can also contact Micah Moore and view his work, along with his production team, which dub themselves "ALL ACES MEDIA" here: and

Sunday, January 11, 2009

2 New LBP Test Fights! Check Em Out Below!


F You Dawg! from Emmanuel Manzanares on Vimeo.


Milk...Does A Body Good...? from Emmanuel Manzanares on Vimeo.

So after the Shawn Vs. Craig fight, Shawn wanted to go back to our old ways of doing random test fights, which I happily obliged too. The only thing was normally, we'd just fight for no reason, but now I wanted to add some more depth and details to at least give the fights (maybe) a little more reason. Anyway, we haven't had this much fun in ages, so hope you enjoy!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Shawn Bernal Vs. Craig Henningsen!

Shawn Vs. Craig Henningsen - LBP Edit from Emmanuel Manzanares on Vimeo.

Shawn and I got hired by Craig Henningsen to help shoot a demo fight for him for this promo reel he's gonna give to producers of the Weinstein Company. He's attempting to shoot some type of serious and dramatic martial arts film in Chicago for $6 million or so, and he came back into Chicago from LA to get promo footage to show the producers. So this past weekend, Shawn brought me in to shoot the second test fight they were gonna do in a condo which was owned by one of Craig's friends and we shot this in about 4 hours. If your unfamiliar with Craig Henningsen, he's this guy:

Here is his youtube channel as well:

He's part of that Sideswipe XMA team and a real nice guy to boot. So I went out of my usual comfort zone to try to choreo and shoot more stylistic stuff for him and add in his signature moves as well. He liked it though! and was kind enough to allow me to post it up publicly. So enjoy!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

A New Year, A New LBP Stunt Demo Reel...

Check it out!

Download at:

Lazy Brown Productions Martial Arts Action/Stunt Demo Reel 2009 from Emmanuel Manzanares on Vimeo.

The newest reel for this year, showcasing all our efforts from the previous. Includes clips from films and collaborations such as:

Those Who Go To Hell
Beat Down Boogie
Pins and Needles
LBP Invades The Stunt People
LBP Invades Toronto: Parte Deux!
East Coast Rumble!
The J & J (Jon/Jay) Project

Visit our sites for more info:
LBP Myspace

We have worked with stunt/production teams all across North America:

The Stunt People (San Francisco, California)

All Aces Media (Greensboro, North Carolina)

Asylum Stunts (Chicago, IL)

Jabronie Pictures (San Diego, California)

Eclipse Stunt Crew (Toronto, Canada)
Ottawa Action Team (Ottawa, Canada)
Redeemer Stunt Team (Boston, Massachusetts)
Hyphen Movies (Middletown, Connecticut)

We are also affiliated with Chicago's premiere Parkour/Freerunning group, Aero Parkour:

Till then, see ya next year!