Wednesday, March 25, 2009

LBP 2009 Stunt Demo Reels!

Yep Yep, Updated Demo Reels All Around! Check em out below and also along the right side of the blog if you ever need to view the demo reels from the team and its members. Enjoy!

Emmanuel Manzanares 2009 Stunt Demo Reel

Emmanuel Manzanares 2009 Martial Arts Action/Stunt Demo Reel from Emmanuel Manzanares on Vimeo.

Shawn Bernal 2009 Stunt Demo Reel

Shawn Bernal 2009 Martial Arts Action/Stunt Demo Reel from Emmanuel Manzanares on Vimeo.

Keith Min 2009 Stunt Demo Reel

Keith Min 2009 Martial Arts Action/Stunt Demo Reel from Emmanuel Manzanares on Vimeo.

Alexander Hashioka-Oatfield 2009 Stunt Demo Reel

Alexander Hashioka-Oatfield 2009 Martial Arts Action/Stunt Demo Reel from Emmanuel Manzanares on Vimeo.

Aero Parkour March 17th Jam

Aero Parkour held its first major jam since the weather became much nicer and as always, I went out to document it. Along the way, pics were taken by a Mr. Kevin Daly, who's portfolio and website you can view here:

Kevin Daly - Photographer

And you can view the jam vids here, which features LBP member Alex "Fresh Face" Meglei:

Aero Parkour March 17th Jam from Emmanuel Manzanares on Vimeo.

And here's some more pics taken by Kevin. All Rights Reserved.

Visit Aero Parkour at:

Aero Parkour Chicago

Monday, March 16, 2009

BTLC, By Decision, and a possible LBP trip to Egypt...?

It's been a while since the last update, as LBP has been quite busy in the past 2 months. Here's some news for you all:

Big Trouble, Little Cocks (otherwise aptly known as BTLC) has been finally made public for people to see. BTLC is essentially a parody/homage of asian films that get redubbed and rechopped by American editors. View the short film here:

Big Trouble, Little Cocks from Emmanuel Manzanares on Vimeo.


Danny, a meek and mild-mannered guy, struggles with Asian-American stereotypes as he tries to impress his girlfriend Sue while introducing her to his grandfather. Along the way, Danny must cope with being harassed by Tan, leader of the local gang, the "Little Cocks" and is forced to fight for Sue's honor. Will Danny find the courage to fight back against Tan and the Little Cocks? Or will he succumb to his own meek personality?

Also, a film we did back in Feb. 2008 known then as "Through The Ropes" has been renamed as "By Decision" and has been finally put online. You can view the short film here:

By Decision from Anthony Reddix on Vimeo.


Jack, a prize fighter with a former illustrious career, has now become a washed up fall guy for a local loan shark. Driven between his former glory and his need to survive, Jack is pitted against an young champion fighter. With only his old trainer and his debt ridden father by his side, Jack trains for the match. However, Jack is given an ultimatum with his newfound match, take the fall in the 10th, or his father will be killed. Will Jack take the fall to save his father? Or will he fight to the final round and see if he can reclaim his former glory?

You can view the LBP extended cut of the fight scene here:

Finally, LBP has been contacted by a film production group in Cairo, Egypt about working with Nestle Co. to stunt coordinate and perform stunts in an international Snickers Commercial. The film production group is called HAMA Film Production, and their website can be viewed here:

The production company is still awaiting word from Nestle Co. if they will choose us in the end, but nonetheless it could mean an all expenses paid trip to Cairo for 3 days! We will update on any news if the job is confirmed.

That's about it folks! We hope to update soon with any other news once it occurs.